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KTVZ NewsChannel 21 – The latest news and weather from KTVZ NewsChannel 21

KTVZ NewsChannel 21

The latest news and weather from KTVZ NewsChannel 21

KTVZ NewsChannel 21 screenshot 0KTVZ NewsChannel 21 screenshot 1KTVZ NewsChannel 21 screenshot 2KTVZ NewsChannel 21 screenshot 3KTVZ NewsChannel 21 screenshot 4KTVZ NewsChannel 21 screenshot 5KTVZ NewsChannel 21 screenshot 6KTVZ NewsChannel 21 screenshot 7KTVZ NewsChannel 21 screenshot 8KTVZ NewsChannel 21 screenshot 9KTVZ NewsChannel 21 screenshot 10KTVZ NewsChannel 21 screenshot 11KTVZ NewsChannel 21 screenshot 12

Central Oregon’s News, Weather, and Sports Leader is now available on your phone. KTVZ.com provides news, entertainment, and weather 24 hours a day.

The Local Alert Weather Team will keep you informed of changing weather conditions, forecasts, and weather updates, and let you know when severe weather is headed your way.

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/WWa1Mr


KrushiKing कृषिकिंग – Krushiking App: Everything about live agriculture updates & market intelligence

KrushiKing कृषिकिंग

Krushiking App: Everything about live agriculture updates & market intelligence

KrushiKing कृषिकिंग screenshot 0KrushiKing कृषिकिंग screenshot 1KrushiKing कृषिकिंग screenshot 2KrushiKing कृषिकिंग screenshot 3KrushiKing कृषिकिंग screenshot 4KrushiKing कृषिकिंग screenshot 5KrushiKing कृषिकिंग screenshot 6KrushiKing कृषिकिंग screenshot 7KrushiKing कृषिकिंग screenshot 8KrushiKing कृषिकिंग screenshot 9KrushiKing कृषिकिंग screenshot 10KrushiKing कृषिकिंग screenshot 11KrushiKing कृषिकिंग screenshot 12KrushiKing कृषिकिंग screenshot 13KrushiKing कृषिकिंग screenshot 14KrushiKing कृषिकिंग screenshot 15KrushiKing कृषिकिंग screenshot 16KrushiKing कृषिकिंग screenshot 17KrushiKing कृषिकिंग screenshot 18KrushiKing कृषिकिंग screenshot 19KrushiKing कृषिकिंग screenshot 20KrushiKing कृषिकिंग screenshot 21KrushiKing कृषिकिंग screenshot 22KrushiKing कृषिकिंग screenshot 23KrushiKing कृषिकिंग screenshot 24

Krushiking is hyphenated and multi functional application platform designed for Indian farmers. Facilitating sharing of information and knowledge about agriculture, weather forecast, crop management, market rates, general updates, governmental schemes, answers of farming queries by agriculture professionals and success stories in agriculture. Krushiking App is a high tech platform updated and managed live by expert agro professionals (M.Sc./ Ph.D. Agri Sciences), researchers working in Indian and foreign Universities, highly qualified team of IT professionals, team of expert customer care officers and business analysts, BD for B to B/ B to C, data analytics and premium access to ERP dashboard.
Krushiking App provides you authenticate and real time information using dedicated human resource teams of more than 90 employees.We do provide premium add on features for enterprises


Weather Forecast as per location selected

Daily updates of market prices of APMCs, Mandis, traders

Governmental updates- schemes, GRs, subsidies, Trends etc.

Extra Series- Dairy farming, vermicompost, sericulture,Organic farming, goat farming and many (more than 45)

Languages- Marathi, English, Hindi. Covering states of Hindi language, Maharashtra and surrounding states. Initially compatible to Marathi.

E- Magazine- E copy of “Krushiking Magazine” published every month.

Features of Krushiking Magazine – Contains information about agriculture market intelligence and information that helps to boost revenue of farmer.

Calculator for PPM conversion, Sharing utilities options, see friends lists and many more social networking utilities.


FOR B2B SERVICES CONTACT ON : info@krushiking.com


See more information: https://goo.gl/muq7Lg

NetNuus – ’n Gratis Afrikaanse nuus-app: kort en kragtige nuus wat aanhou rol.


’n Gratis Afrikaanse nuus-app: kort en kragtige nuus wat aanhou rol.

NetNuus screenshot 0NetNuus screenshot 1

NetNuus bring jou in ’n japtrap op hoogte van die jongste nuus waaroor almal praat. Die app is gemaak vir die van ons wat nuus vinnig wil lees, niks wil mis nie en nie verlore raak in onnodige detail nie. Dis nuus wat saak maak: raakgevat. Wanneer iemand jou vra: “Het jy gehoor?”… het jy dit waarskynlik reeds op NetNuus gelees. Ons kort video’s verduidelik komplekse stories in plein Afrikaans. Die app bied ’n soomlose leserservaring en is baie eenvoudig om te gebruik. Het jy iets op die hart? Wat dink jy oor wat in die nuus gebeur? Sê jou sê; maak jou stem dik en laat waai met die menings. Met regstreekse kennisgewings (“push notifications”) verseker die app dat jy geen stories misloop nie. As jy wil weet wat om jou aangaan en lief is daarvoor om in jou taal te gesels, is hierdie die app vir jou! Rol deur die nuus en gesels saam!

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/WjcUVE

На выходные – Online magazine "AUTO.RIA holiday" – all the best from the world of cars at your fingertips!

На выходные

Online magazine "AUTO.RIA holiday" – all the best from the world of cars at your fingertips!

На выходные screenshot 0На выходные screenshot 1На выходные screenshot 2На выходные screenshot 3На выходные screenshot 4На выходные screenshot 5На выходные screenshot 6На выходные screenshot 7На выходные screenshot 8На выходные screenshot 9На выходные screenshot 10На выходные screenshot 11

«AUTO.RIA Weekend” – a weekly online magazine from the Leader of automotive e-commerce.
Install the free app every Friday and get the most important news of the automotive world.

In «AUTO.RIA Weekend” online magazine contains all the main HGV week:
• the right car – you’re the first to know about changes in the laws;
• Market analyst cars – trends and trends in the figures;
• Test drives of the popular brands of cars – cars Test reports about the most important;
• Exclusive interview – expert evaluation of “hot” topics;
• automotive trends and recent developments in the world of cars.

«AUTO.RIA Weekend” – a magazine for those who are always on the move. Read everywhere, even without access to the network: simply download the new issue of the magazine on your tablet.

20 000+ Ukrainians have already downloaded the app «AUTO.RIA Weekend” on their devices.

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/KupsYt

IAMABIKER News Reader – Your daily dose of latest updates from the world of Motorcycles.


Your daily dose of latest updates from the world of Motorcycles.

IAMABIKER News Reader screenshot 0IAMABIKER News Reader screenshot 1IAMABIKER News Reader screenshot 2IAMABIKER News Reader screenshot 3IAMABIKER News Reader screenshot 4IAMABIKER News Reader screenshot 5IAMABIKER News Reader screenshot 6IAMABIKER News Reader screenshot 7IAMABIKER News Reader screenshot 8

IAMABIKER gets you the latest from the two wheeler world:
– Latest News
– New Launches
– Motorcycle Reviews
– Motorsports updates from MotoGP and WSBK World
– Awesome Motorcycle Wallpapers
– Informative Articles

Experience it all within the app.

Permissions Explanation:
– Network Access: To pull the latest news from our server the app needs to access the internet using network plan or wifi.
– Storage: In the gallery if you want you can save the pictures on your phone, the app needs external storage access to save the files.

This app is in Beta phase and is obviously not free from bugs. It will for sure see stabilization and further features and design in the coming days. Meanwhile, do let us know of any bugs and we will try our best to rev it out asap.
This app is free and does not contain ad’s.

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/FWlxiW

MNO – The latest news from news sites mno.hu fast comfortably.


The latest news from news sites mno.hu fast comfortably.

MNO screenshot 0MNO screenshot 1MNO screenshot 2MNO screenshot 3MNO screenshot 4

Follow the Mobile Phone mno.hu content:

• To find the most recent news on the front page.
• Tap the button 24h chronological order, browse for the latest news.
• The article used to set the font size, you can share articles, scroll between them and also write a comment.
• The application has night after dark color scheme, any time of the day that is convenient to use.
• You can switch the mode of application is without an image, which can reduce the amount of mobile data traffic.
• Push notifications to receive special news.
• Tap the menu button to find some additional features, for example. access through a multi-level menu system mno.hu all the articles of the columnist.
• All of the menu items, labels and galleries.
• Tap the Settings button to log on, adjust the font size, the night mode behavior, mode, and without notice of the extraordinary news of the picture.
• The Galleries menu are spectacular and unique photo gallery.
• Local news item, a locality or region list the news even from the current position.
• Authors of the menu you will find the key authors of the articles.
• The Offline menu items with the previous articles can be read without a data connection.
• The option radio broadcast live over the Chain Bridge and listen to the radio news and information program is on.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/8x3aVO

Redding Record Searchlight – Local and national news now with 360-degree video and virtual reality content.

Redding Record Searchlight

Local and national news now with 360-degree video and virtual reality content.

Redding Record Searchlight screenshot 0Redding Record Searchlight screenshot 1Redding Record Searchlight screenshot 2Redding Record Searchlight screenshot 3Redding Record Searchlight screenshot 4Redding Record Searchlight screenshot 5Redding Record Searchlight screenshot 6Redding Record Searchlight screenshot 7Redding Record Searchlight screenshot 8Redding Record Searchlight screenshot 9Redding Record Searchlight screenshot 10Redding Record Searchlight screenshot 11Redding Record Searchlight screenshot 12Redding Record Searchlight screenshot 13Redding Record Searchlight screenshot 14

From critically acclaimed storytelling, photography, videos, full 360-degree experiences and virtual reality, we’re now able to not only tell the news, but allow you to be completely immersed in it. Browse headlines and read about breaking news happening nationally and locally including News, Sports, Entertainment, Technology, Travel, Business, and Weather with a swipe. The new app design has also been streamlined to give you a deeper, richer, more visually-stimulating storytelling experience so you can get in, get out, and get on with your day.

• USA TODAY NETWORK: National and state-by-state stories keep you connected, covering the issues that matter most to you 24/7. Elect to add up to five of our local properties to get your community news added to your feed.
• BREAKING NEWS: Get news as it breaks by opting in for push notifications on News, Sports, Life, Money or Tech.
• PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: Experience headlines through captivating videos and photos. Amazing galleries cover everything from news to entertainment, sports and tech, to weather and money.
• VIRTUAL REALITY: Be in the center of where the news happens with 360-degree video and virtual reality content.
• SCORES: Join the most active and engaged community of sports fans in America. Stay up to speed on your favorite players and teams with scores, schedules, and in-depth stories. View all the latest sports scores for NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, and more.
• ENTERTAINMENT: See the stars and get inside access. Go behind the scenes and know what’s in and what’s out with celebrities, fashion, music, movies, TV, awards shows, books, and more.
• STOCKS: Get a clear picture of the financial world, from stocks and IPOs to taxes and takeovers. Get personal finance tips and advice to improve your portfolio.
• NIGHT MODE: Enable this feature to view the app using a black background and white text.
• WEATHER: Live weather, hourly to 10-day forecasts. Customize location settings and always be prepared with daily forecasts from your hometown or any major city in the nation and around the world.
Enable location services to customize local weather news and other location-based services. (Continued use of GPS running in background can decrease battery life.)

Our app features are constantly being improved based on your feedback, so we welcome you to tell us what you love and what you’d like to see more (or less) of. Contact us at: mobilesupport@gannett.com or on Twitter @usatodaymobile. For additional information, please visit usatoday.com/mobile-apps.

Detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/wkNbME