Month: March 2015

اخباري – This application fetches the latest news from the most important political news sites and Shiite


This application fetches the latest news from the most important political news sites and Shiite

اخباري screenshot 0اخباري screenshot 1اخباري screenshot 2اخباري screenshot 3اخباري screenshot 4اخباري screenshot 5اخباري screenshot 6اخباري screenshot 7اخباري screenshot 8اخباري screenshot 9

This application is to bring the latest news from the most important political news and Shiite sites in one place
News of Al-Manar TV, and the world, and Press TV, the Shiite news agency, the direction, the channel of the Euphrates, channel Al Kawthar, my channel, channel Al-Ghadeer, channel Kut and Fars News Agency

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liberal – liberal – debates on freedom


liberal – debates on freedom

liberal screenshot 0liberal screenshot 1liberal screenshot 2liberal screenshot 3liberal screenshot 4

liberal – debates on freedom
The magazine is liberal the central platform for the contest of liberal ideas and arguments in Germany. The publication is an important voice in the political discourse of the country and represents the ideals of classical liberalism committed. Contributing to renowned authors from Germany and abroad as well as experts from politics, economy, science and culture operation.

is a liberal magazine, detached from current events that addresses the important issues of the day and controversial. It covers the current spectrum from the liberal debates, polarized and initiates discussions. It shows the importance of freedom for each individual and for society, and how it manifests itself: the freedom from coercion, as in the freedom to design their own and social life. liberal sees itself as independent island of liberal discourse.

Already since 1959, informed liberal as “a quarterly magazine of politics and culture,” the bourgeois elite education about social and political processes. With the now fully revised and modernized magazine, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom positioned as a moderator of the demanding civil debate in Germany and is therefore an important counterweight to the left of mainstream environmental journalism.

liberal – a magazine for people with the courage to liberty and responsibility

Download the app on your tablet liberal. You then have the option to download individual issues of the magazine easily. After downloading a liberal issue, they can read anywhere with your tablet – even without an Internet connection. And the contents of the print edition also offers you the app version exciting added value in the form of videos, picture galleries and original sound recordings.

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Berita Islam – Islamic News is an application that provides news or anything about Islam.

Berita Islam

Islamic News is an application that provides news or anything about Islam.

Berita Islam screenshot 0Berita Islam screenshot 1Berita Islam screenshot 2Berita Islam screenshot 3Berita Islam screenshot 4

Islamic News is an application that provides news or anything about Islam itself. Content taken from RSS Feeds some websites are:

Keywords: news, islam, islam news

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Diriliş Gazetesi – New Turkey's New News Site – Truth, Truth, Ittihad-i Islam, Sharia

Diriliş Gazetesi

New Turkey's New News Site – Truth, Truth, Ittihad-i Islam, Sharia

Diriliş Gazetesi screenshot 0Diriliş Gazetesi screenshot 1Diriliş Gazetesi screenshot 2Diriliş Gazetesi screenshot 3Diriliş Gazetesi screenshot 4Diriliş Gazetesi screenshot 5Diriliş Gazetesi screenshot 6Diriliş Gazetesi screenshot 7

Resurrection Newspaper Android Apps and from Turkey and the world that we have prepared especially Follow the real agenda of the Islamic World.

“Truth, truth, Ittihad-i Islam, Sharia”


* Headlines

* Latest News,

* Breaking News,

* World Special Topics,

* Turkey and the world in the Agenda

* Agenda Custom from the Islamic World,

* Politics, Economics, Literature, Poetry

* Unspoken details,

* Effective analysis,

* Corner Posts,

* Real History,

and more ..

More than 10 categories Resurrection Newspaper website, under your fingertips with Android app …

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HyperGrowth Entrepreneur Mag – Get FREE FOR LIFE by Subscribing NOW!"Get framework 4 rapid business growth!

HyperGrowth Entrepreneur Mag

Get FREE FOR LIFE by Subscribing NOW!"Get framework 4 rapid business growth!

HyperGrowth Entrepreneur Mag screenshot 0HyperGrowth Entrepreneur Mag screenshot 1HyperGrowth Entrepreneur Mag screenshot 2HyperGrowth Entrepreneur Mag screenshot 3HyperGrowth Entrepreneur Mag screenshot 4HyperGrowth Entrepreneur Mag screenshot 5HyperGrowth Entrepreneur Mag screenshot 6HyperGrowth Entrepreneur Mag screenshot 7HyperGrowth Entrepreneur Mag screenshot 8HyperGrowth Entrepreneur Mag screenshot 9HyperGrowth Entrepreneur Mag screenshot 10HyperGrowth Entrepreneur Mag screenshot 11HyperGrowth Entrepreneur Mag screenshot 12HyperGrowth Entrepreneur Mag screenshot 13HyperGrowth Entrepreneur Mag screenshot 14

“Get FREE FOR LIFE by Subscribing NOW!”

As in always absolutely free. Get battle hardened strategies, tips, secrets to rapidly grow your
business to levels higher than you thought possible.

The problems that many entrepreneurs face are:
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This app is an igniter for your business, sparking breakthrough ideas and generating new profit – building strategies that propel your business into a new orbit- full of wealth and prosperity because of the ideas you can implement right now. You get high octane content providing you strategic intelligence and awakening insights from powerful entrepreneurs across the globe delivered in a format that fits you :

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4. PRESENTATION ( sales and marketing)

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There are two principal things a leader can influence when it comes to producing results: your strategy or plan and your ability to execute the strategy. (Covey)

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ONE mag Oneness – Oneness & Conscious Evolution Magazine for Spiritual Souls: self-development

ONE mag Oneness

Oneness & Conscious Evolution Magazine for Spiritual Souls: self-development

ONE mag Oneness screenshot 0ONE mag Oneness screenshot 1ONE mag Oneness screenshot 2ONE mag Oneness screenshot 3ONE mag Oneness screenshot 4ONE mag Oneness screenshot 5ONE mag Oneness screenshot 6ONE mag Oneness screenshot 7ONE mag Oneness screenshot 8ONE mag Oneness screenshot 9ONE mag Oneness screenshot 10ONE mag Oneness screenshot 11ONE mag Oneness screenshot 12ONE mag Oneness screenshot 13ONE mag Oneness screenshot 14


Our focus is on encouraging readers to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others through love & oneness. We’re proud that our readers are leaders in building a better world, on a personal and family level, and in their enthusiasm to co-create a cleaner, healthier and more harmonious planet Earth.

We are passionate about sharing the knowledge that enabled us to change our own lives. Discover these transformational techniques and tools within our phenomenal, visionary and leader packed interactive, revolutionary magazine.


ONE mag is the only Love, Oneness and Conscious Evolution magazine you will ever need to stay on top of the latest Secrets of the Universe to stimulate and to inspire the spirit within to develop, play, grow, be happy, and evolve with enthusiasm, while exploring the many facets of your life. And it’s totally FREE.

Whether you are an Enlightened Soul, a Seasoned Spiritual Traveler, are ready to start asking questions, or to unveil the finer details of reality and start a new chapter, ONE mag provides articles, videos, audio tracks, tools, processes, strategies, along with other interactive content from the leaders in oneness, self-development and conscious evolution to empower you to co-create the world you Know is Possible.

YES, we have VIDEO CONTENT – The amazing thing with the Google Play platform means we can include video, audio and interactive content; making ONE mag the leader in oneness and metamorphosis.

The magazine allows you to watch whole short films and training on your mobile device while also reading the wisdom of the leading experts, visionaries and those paving the way to a new era for humanity.

Quarterly (every 3 months), ONE mag delivers the most up to date, completely unique reading and viewing experience to those seeking to make a difference and to those bolder, out to change the world.

With this extra knowledge and a larger tool box Infinite Possibilities become your “norm”.

What are you waiting for?

All issues are currently FREE. Simply download the ONE mag app and press download for each issue you desire to read. Enjoy

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