Month: March 2016

Kumpulan Shalawat Nabi – is a collection of shlawat prophet easy to memorize

Kumpulan Shalawat Nabi

is a collection of shlawat prophet easy to memorize

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“Verily Allah and the Angels of His Bersholawat For Prophet, O People of Faith, Bershalawatlah You Say Hail To The Prophet And Respect To him” (Qs. Al-Ahzab: 56)

Prophet Said: Goods Who Read Shalawat To me one time, and the God Will Avenge Shalawat Ten Times, Dan Goods Who’s Reading Shalawat To me one hundred times, and the God Writing Among the eyes: “Free From Munafiq And Free From Hell” And God Will Put Tomorrow Today Qiamat Together With The Syuhadak (HR. Thabrani From Anas Bin Malik Ra)

Prophet Muhammad: Man Truly More Main me Tomorrow In the last days, Are They The More Reading Shalawat To me (HR. Tarmizi From Ibn Mas’ud Ra)

Prophet Ever Said:
Bawasannya Prayer That Stopped (Hold) Between Heaven And Earth, No Pun Slightly Goods From it, so you Bershalawat To your Prophet. (HR. Tirmidhi From Umar Bin Khattab.)

Each prayer Closed (Suspended), Presented By Shalawat Up Prophet. (HR. Dailami Inside the Musnad Al-Firdaus From Anas Ra. And by Baihaqi From Ali Ra)

1. Obtain Mercy from Allah., Earned Intercession Of Prophet Muhammad.
2. Got A Good Leader Of Angels-Good, Can Erase Sins And Raising Degrees.
3. Can Covering the World Needs And Hereafter, Acquire Merit much as Mount Uhud And Happy From Sehala catastrophe.
4. Got keridlaan From Allah., Can Testimony From the Prophet. And Got intercession in the Hereafter Later, Safe From the wrath of Allah. And Sign Below Protection Throne.
5. Making goodness Being Scales Weight And given Drinking From Lake Al-Kawthar And Safe From Rasa Haus.
6. Free Of Fire, Can Traversing Shirathal Mustaqim As Lightning And Can See His place in Heaven Before Dying And Gets Award Lots Wife In The Heaven.
7. Got Pahala That Exceed Twenty Holy War, Can Elicit 100 Hajat, Can Eliminate Kemuskinan And the narrowness of sustenance.
8. Gets Victory Over Opponents, Can Purifying Heart Of Nature Fanatik, can see the Prophet Muhammad. In Her sleep, Loved By May Cause believer and Muslims.
9. Can Be For All Kinds Being terkabulnya Prayer, Earned Greetings From Allah. And Can Shines Born and His heart.

Before Reading Shalawat Such, Hajat Prayer Should Premises Beginning two cycles.
In the first cycles, After Reading Reading Al-Fatiha Surah Al-Ikhlas 10 times.
In the Second cycles, After Reading Reading Al-Fatiha Surah Al-Ikhlas 20 times.
After greeting Reading Istighfar 100 times, then segue reading as much as possible.


1. Following the commands of Allah.
2. Agat On Lift degree.
3. Will Posted 10 Goodness.
4. Removed 10 Vices.
5. Expects terkabulnya Prayer.
6. Obtain Intercession Of The Prophet.
7. Cover the Shame Yourself And Expecting Mercy.
8. Expect fulfilled the needs of Life.
9. Cause Close To the Prophet Muhammad.
10. Occupying Positions Alms.
11. Causes Tetunaikannya Needs.
12. It is Zakat And procrastination People Who Read it.
13. Causing fragrance Yang cite Reading Shalawat place.
14. Causing Remembering Return to the Prophet.
15. Can Delete impression griping Dan Miser.
16. Can Erase Readers indigence.
17. Can Removing humiliation for those who read.
18. Saving Foul Smell From A Majlis.
19. Reading Shalawat Causes Blessing For Readers.
20. Reading Shalawat Signs of Love To the Prophet.
21. Cause Determination Feet Above shirath.
22. In Shalawat Contained To Dhikr of Allah.
23. As a compliment Makes For Good From Langi And Earth.
Shalawat 24. Make Anyone Getting Help.

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Vanguardia Kiosco Digital – Daily Edition

Vanguardia Kiosco Digital

Daily Edition

Vanguardia Kiosco Digital screenshot 0Vanguardia Kiosco Digital screenshot 1Vanguardia Kiosco Digital screenshot 2

Vanguard brings you this information service thinking your Android devices, with the same quality of information of the print edition but with interactive features that will make your experience more attractive.

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Diario DF – An app with all information in Mexico DF and international news.

Diario DF

An app with all information in Mexico DF and international news.

Diario DF screenshot 0Diario DF screenshot 1Diario DF screenshot 2Diario DF screenshot 3Diario DF screenshot 4Diario DF screenshot 5Diario DF screenshot 6Diario DF screenshot 7Diario DF screenshot 8Diario DF screenshot 9Diario DF screenshot 10Diario DF screenshot 11Diario DF screenshot 12Diario DF screenshot 13Diario DF screenshot 14

Journal DF is an app where you can find all relevant information in Mexico City and international news.

** You can see all the day’s news.
** You can see the printed edition totally free. (NOTE. The newspaper is printed in the stands Metrobus and is absolutely FREE).

*** The news and the printed edition is the day the application weekends will not be updated because the newspaper does not circulate in those days.

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Münchner Feuilleton – Monthly cultural newspaper from Munich – competent, critical and entertaining

Münchner Feuilleton

Monthly cultural newspaper from Munich – competent, critical and entertaining

Münchner Feuilleton screenshot 0Münchner Feuilleton screenshot 1

The Munich feature has earned a reputation as the most important free and independent culture Zeitung Munich since its inception 2011th For those who understand art and culture as an indispensable food, the MF reported in the categories of visual arts, theater, film, literature, music, dance, architecture and design of events that take place in the Munich area and often have national significance.
On 32 pages you will find reviews and preliminary reports detailed portraits, features, reports and interviews. 6 editors and a pool of about 100 freelance journalists accompany competent, critical and entertaining cultural life with eleven issues a year.

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پایگاه خبری همرسان – The media is trying to authoritative reference for technology enthusiasts.

پایگاه خبری همرسان

The media is trying to authoritative reference for technology enthusiasts.

پایگاه خبری همرسان screenshot 0پایگاه خبری همرسان screenshot 1

The objectives of this network is the introduction of training courses within the countries of the region are rarely available and useful resources can be found for them.

Another important goal of this network is to promote scientific, cultural and educational information on its members with the latest news and options in the world.

The network is committed to compliance with all the rules and laws of our country and the Islamic Republic of Iran into spheres of political analysis and others not.

This way the content network under a new educational video with Farsi subtitles for better understanding of members, documentaries called by experts in specialized areas is provided.

Because access to educational pamphlets and study them seem outside the scope of users, sometimes “not allow a detailed understanding of networks and therefore husband all educational materials in the form of” training video “has to offer.

Obviously trying to provide Network members husband is young and eager to learn what the country needs it more than ever.

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Pantun Dewasa – The only humor in the form of rhyme adult stress reliever

Pantun Dewasa

The only humor in the form of rhyme adult stress reliever

Pantun Dewasa screenshot 0Pantun Dewasa screenshot 1Pantun Dewasa screenshot 2Pantun Dewasa screenshot 3

Poem is a form of a long poem consisting of four lines, cross rhyme (abab). The first and second lines is called sampiran or part of the objective. Usually in the form of painting nature or terms of what can be taken as a metaphor. The third and fourth lines is called the content or subjective part.

This application is not to offend anyone. This application is expected to help ease the tension of mind.

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Kai Hua Roh – ขายหัวเราะ

Kai Hua Roh


Kai Hua Roh screenshot 0Kai Hua Roh screenshot 1Kai Hua Roh screenshot 2Kai Hua Roh screenshot 3Kai Hua Roh screenshot 4

‘ขายหัวเราะ’ นิตยสารการ์ตูนเพื่ออารมณ์ขันและสุขภาพจิต ที่โด่งดังระดับแนวหน้าของเมืองไทย ครองความนิยมต่อเนื่องมานานร่วม 40 ปี แต่ บ.ก.วิติ๊ด ก็ยังขยันรวมแก๊กจากนักเขียนอารมณ์ดีกว่า 60 ชีวิตที่พกพาสารพัดมุกสุดฮามาสรรค์สร้างแก๊กที่อ่านสนุกทันยุคสมัย รวมถึงเรื่องสั้น ขำขันช่างคิดที่อ่านสนุกจนแทบวางไม่ได้

ฮามินิ 1 เดือน 3 เล่ม ราคาเบาๆ เพียง 29 บาท
ฮากำลังดี 3 เดือน 12 เล่ม ราคา 85 บาท
ฮายกใหญ่ 1 ปี 52 เล่ม ราคา 289 บาท
รอรับความฮาสัปดาห์ละ 1 เล่ม เริ่มจากเล่มปัจจุบัน จนครบตามจำนวนที่สมัคร

พิเศษ Download วันนี้ ฟรี ขายหัวเราะเล่มแรก นำมาปรับโฉมใหม่ ใน Version Digital!!

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