Month: June 2015 – Lets take a free news in real time.

Lets take a free news in real time. screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot 3

Can follow a free news in real time: politics, economy, society, international, religion etc … A free news not subject to the single thought, with a critical eye and deliberately Catholic.

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GeosNews – Local US News – Your daily news source, from the nation to theneighbors.

GeosNews - Local US News

Your daily news source, from the nation to theneighbors.

GeosNews - Local US News screenshot 0GeosNews - Local US News screenshot 1GeosNews - Local US News screenshot 2GeosNews - Local US News screenshot 3GeosNews - Local US News screenshot 4GeosNews - Local US News screenshot 5GeosNews - Local US News screenshot 6

GeosNews provides quick access to all the top news sites for the greatest and the smallest cities of USA. A great way to enhance your reading experience. This is the new way to read local news from all over the Country.

Thousand of local fresh news organized by state, county, city and neighbours. All updated in real time, all for free.

If your area is not yet covered by our service, you can suggest one or more sites to help our system to grow and your community to stay informed.

Breaking and fresh news from New York, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Phoenix and from all rest of the Country.

Please note for a good use: is a free app, it uses non intrusive advertising banners that appear when the users follow the external links to the original news source. Any active ad-block system on your device prevents the opportunity to visit the full news.

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Flow for Reddit (Pre-Beta) – Flow is a reddit client for Android

Flow for Reddit (Pre-Beta)

Flow is a reddit client for Android

Flow for Reddit (Pre-Beta) screenshot 0Flow for Reddit (Pre-Beta) screenshot 1Flow for Reddit (Pre-Beta) screenshot 2Flow for Reddit (Pre-Beta) screenshot 3Flow for Reddit (Pre-Beta) screenshot 4Flow for Reddit (Pre-Beta) screenshot 5Flow for Reddit (Pre-Beta) screenshot 6Flow for Reddit (Pre-Beta) screenshot 7Flow for Reddit (Pre-Beta) screenshot 8Flow for Reddit (Pre-Beta) screenshot 9Flow for Reddit (Pre-Beta) screenshot 10Flow for Reddit (Pre-Beta) screenshot 11Flow for Reddit (Pre-Beta) screenshot 12Flow for Reddit (Pre-Beta) screenshot 13Flow for Reddit (Pre-Beta) screenshot 14Flow for Reddit (Pre-Beta) screenshot 15Flow for Reddit (Pre-Beta) screenshot 16Flow for Reddit (Pre-Beta) screenshot 17Flow for Reddit (Pre-Beta) screenshot 18Flow for Reddit (Pre-Beta) screenshot 19

FEATURES: Card UI, Youtube support, Image Viewer, Easy voting, Search, Fast, user friendly UI, Optimal content display, multireddit support, customizable themes and colors. Ad-Free !

Join the community for exclusive Alpha builds !

For bug reports and feature requests please visit

Work in progress.. Crashes and missing features expected.

Please press report when you see crashes.

A better description will be added once the app is in beta.

Flow for Reddit icon designed by Anatoliy Russ

Reddit Flow would not be possible without these wonderful libraries

Sliding-menu by jfeinstein :
pull-to-refresh by chris banes:
photoview by chrisbanes:
android-reddit by achan:

RedditFlow is an unofficial app. reddit and the reddit alien logo, trademark and trade dress are registered trademarks owned by reddit Inc.

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Journalist جورنالست – Upload Your News

Journalist جورنالست

Upload Your News

Journalist جورنالست screenshot 0Journalist جورنالست screenshot 1Journalist جورنالست screenshot 2Journalist جورنالست screenshot 3Journalist جورنالست screenshot 4Journalist جورنالست screenshot 5Journalist جورنالست screenshot 6Journalist جورنالست screenshot 7

Do you dream of becoming a news editor? Do you dream of writing a news story and published in the newspaper through a mobile phone?
Simply, can write the news, whether in a script, a story, an audio recording, video, or even draw comics and published on Journalist website:
NB: the responsibility lies on the news publisher

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DAGITIM KANALI – It provides information about the latest state of the durable goods sector.


It provides information about the latest state of the durable goods sector.

DAGITIM KANALI screenshot 0DAGITIM KANALI screenshot 1DAGITIM KANALI screenshot 2DAGITIM KANALI screenshot 3DAGITIM KANALI screenshot 4

By preparing the durable goods sector research gives information about the state of the industry. Evaluating the expectations and opinions of people from the industry in our country, world development and distribution table / chart with the import sector. Increase cooperation with activities in the domestic sector by sector, it provides news and interviews with internal communications sector. Trainers are, they follow the technological developments in the sector, giving the new products and features. Product comparison is made, followed by prices in the market. Sector introduces young minds.

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แต่งรถ – Find the magazine in the form of a letter Chunhaploy E-Magazine.


Find the magazine in the form of a letter Chunhaploy E-Magazine.

แต่งรถ screenshot 0แต่งรถ screenshot 1แต่งรถ screenshot 2แต่งรถ screenshot 3แต่งรถ screenshot 4แต่งรถ screenshot 5แต่งรถ screenshot 6แต่งรถ screenshot 7แต่งรถ screenshot 8แต่งรถ screenshot 9แต่งรถ screenshot 10แต่งรถ screenshot 11แต่งรถ screenshot 12แต่งรถ screenshot 13แต่งรถ screenshot 14แต่งรถ screenshot 15แต่งรถ screenshot 16

You can read magazines in the UK, whether it is a technical matter Chunhaploy car racing motorcycle The Truck with them in the form of Application anytime.

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Radio Romania – Enjoy Free accesses to the radio broadcasts and internet music from Romania.

Radio Romania

Enjoy Free accesses to the radio broadcasts and internet music from Romania.

Radio Romania screenshot 0Radio Romania screenshot 1Radio Romania screenshot 2Radio Romania screenshot 3Radio Romania screenshot 4Radio Romania screenshot 5

This app has collected most of the broadcasting and internet radio stations in Romania and let you enjoy live broadcasting anywhere you go with your Android phone.

Main features:

– Browse by location
– Recently played folder
– Favorite folder
– Sleep timer

Please feel free to download this app and enjoy listening to live broadcasting from Romania.

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