Month: November 2016

Efemérides Tal día como hoy – Ephemeris, discovers happened a day like today in previous years.

Efemérides Tal día como hoy

Ephemeris, discovers happened a day like today in previous years.

Efemérides Tal día como hoy screenshot 0Efemérides Tal día como hoy screenshot 1Efemérides Tal día como hoy screenshot 2Efemérides Tal día como hoy screenshot 3Efemérides Tal día como hoy screenshot 4Efemérides Tal día como hoy screenshot 5Efemérides Tal día como hoy screenshot 6

If you like to know what happened on a particular day throughout history, this is your app.
– When Edison invented the light bulb?
– When the Roman Empire fell?
– Who won the World Cup 2010?
Find out with this app.

Enjoys ephemeris every day.
-Look For a day and given month.
-Look For text within our database ephemeris. (Integrated in the app Product under payment).
-Use Our widget on your screen will show you randomly ephemeris day.

You can share the calendar with your favorite applications simply by clicking on one of them.

You can also contribute your bit, reporting any errors or correcting ephemeris displayed.

See more information and download apk file for android:


Smart Feed Reader – Smart Feed Reader is a free, full-featured RSS, RDF and ATOM news reader.

Smart Feed Reader

Smart Feed Reader is a free, full-featured RSS, RDF and ATOM news reader.

Smart Feed Reader screenshot 0Smart Feed Reader screenshot 1Smart Feed Reader screenshot 2Smart Feed Reader screenshot 3Smart Feed Reader screenshot 4Smart Feed Reader screenshot 5Smart Feed Reader screenshot 6

Smart Feed Reader is a free, full-featured RSS, RDF and ATOM news reader. Manage your news automatically with Smart News Filtering, organize Feeds Groups by any criteria you choose – music, sport, movies and international news, rate the most interesting readings and share them with your friends and colleagues.
Be Smart & Organized with Smart Feed Reader!

• Full support of RSS, RDF and ATOM feeds;
• Offline reading of news;
• Full-context search;
• Widgets support;
• Easy to manage feeds, personalized icons;
• Customization of the feed update interval (global for all feeds and particular – for the selected feed);
• Filtering articles by Author, Title, Content, Category for the best customization;
• Automatic organizing feeds by categories;
• Improved content sorting by Newer, Older, Unread, Read or Hide properties;
• Highlighting of newly-added and updated news;
• Automatic sorting news by Date: Today, Yesterday, Older;
• Media Collection: easy to view pictures and play attached media;
• Full-screen display of News (optional);
• Easy sliding between news with a simple gesture;
• Displaying news with a preview in the NewsList screen;
• Star rating for the news;
• Sharing content via E-Mail;
• Support of landscape screen orientation.

Smart News Filtering:
Personalize your content with Smart News Filtering – powerful and innovative feature that helps you to filter and manage your news automatically by Author, Title, Content, Category, etc. Each filter is made up of search condition to match specific parameter and action to perform. With Smart News Filtering you can automate copying news into custom folders, marking news, rating or just deleting it. You can have as many smart filters as you need!

• Android 2.3 or later.

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Oddities e-Club Magazine – A must-have magazine and App for every person waking up to our new reality!

Oddities e-Club Magazine

A must-have magazine and App for every person waking up to our new reality!

Oddities e-Club Magazine screenshot 0Oddities e-Club Magazine screenshot 1Oddities e-Club Magazine screenshot 2Oddities e-Club Magazine screenshot 3Oddities e-Club Magazine screenshot 4Oddities e-Club Magazine screenshot 5Oddities e-Club Magazine screenshot 6Oddities e-Club Magazine screenshot 7Oddities e-Club Magazine screenshot 8Oddities e-Club Magazine screenshot 9Oddities e-Club Magazine screenshot 10Oddities e-Club Magazine screenshot 11Oddities e-Club Magazine screenshot 12Oddities e-Club Magazine screenshot 13Oddities e-Club Magazine screenshot 14Oddities e-Club Magazine screenshot 15Oddities e-Club Magazine screenshot 16Oddities e-Club Magazine screenshot 17

Become an Oddologist and join our Editor and her eclectic group of guest writers on their quest to unearth the unknown, explain the unique, and research all that defines, and at times changes (and challenges) our view of the world.

Bringing you the latest interviews with real people working in fields misunderstood by the mainstream (Remote Viewers, Abductees, Witches, Psychics, Alchemists, Shamans, etc.); first-hand accounts on UFO’s, ETs and ETV crashes; records of odd occurrences, incidents and events that appear supernatural in nature; interesting articles on the cutting-edge of today’s science, which focus predominantly on concepts that are considered ‘on the fringe’, and disconcerting to many; conspiracy theories/fact – do you believe that some covert but influential organisation is responsible for an unexplained event? If so, you’ll love our regular section on the latest and greatest Conspiracy Theories doing the rounds on the net; folk remedies based on the use of plants, plant extracts, flora, fauna, food and crystals; metaphysical and ‘New Age’ articles authored by a mix of spiritually well-connected writers; simple spell craft for you to practice at home and generic articles on the Magical Arts; and lastly creative artwork from the wider spiritual community!

Our Columnists currently include Mary Rodwell (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network); Damien John Nott (Australian Aerial Phenomena Investigations + Australien Skies); Dr Gemma Regan (Paranormal Scientific Investigator + Radio Host); Rick Burden (Down Under Spirit Team); Steven + Evan Strong (Forgotten Origins); Brandon Pierce (Common Sense Conspiracy); Jeff Lohse (Anomaly Photographer); Birgit Skorka (Reiki Angel); Patrick J. Kelly (Free Energy Expert); Reverend Sheila Kennedy (Vibrational Kinesiologist + Natural Therapist); Maria Pokora (Mystic Marks); Jen Gallagher (Essential Oil Goddess); Jane + Doug Anderson (Port City Paranormal); Michael Lamb (Alchemist); and James G. Davidson (Ancient Afrika Author + Researcher).

AND that’s just to get you interested…

The magazine offers a yearly ($9.99 USD) auto-renewable subscription, individual issues are priced at $3.99 (USD).

Detail information and download apk file for android:

La République des Pyrénées – the Bearn and Soule continuously info

La République des Pyrénées

the Bearn and Soule continuously info

La République des Pyrénées screenshot 0La République des Pyrénées screenshot 1La République des Pyrénées screenshot 2La République des Pyrénées screenshot 3La République des Pyrénées screenshot 4La République des Pyrénées screenshot 5La République des Pyrénées screenshot 6La République des Pyrénées screenshot 7La République des Pyrénées screenshot 8La République des Pyrénées screenshot 9

The new app the Republic of the Pyrenees, Béarn and Soule continuous info:
– Explore the best of news selected by the Editorial
– Follow information for your town
– Find all the thematic sections: sports, economy, events, news items and other
– Comment Articles
– Customize your app for quick access to your favorite topics
– Get notifications and never miss major facts of the news
– Join the info directly alerting Editor

To take advantage of all the services, sign up and also get:
– Log download
– Unlimited access to all articles
– Archives of the newspaper since 1944
– Privileges Club offers Followers

You already subscribe to the newspaper? Activate your digital access to our site to enjoy all these services at no additional cost.

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RedEye Chicago – The RedEye mobile app has everything a Chicago commuter needs.

RedEye Chicago

The RedEye mobile app has everything a Chicago commuter needs.

RedEye Chicago screenshot 0RedEye Chicago screenshot 1RedEye Chicago screenshot 2RedEye Chicago screenshot 3RedEye Chicago screenshot 4RedEye Chicago screenshot 5RedEye Chicago screenshot 6RedEye Chicago screenshot 7RedEye Chicago screenshot 8RedEye Chicago screenshot 9RedEye Chicago screenshot 10RedEye Chicago screenshot 11RedEye Chicago screenshot 12RedEye Chicago screenshot 13RedEye Chicago screenshot 14RedEye Chicago screenshot 15RedEye Chicago screenshot 16RedEye Chicago screenshot 17RedEye Chicago screenshot 18RedEye Chicago screenshot 19RedEye Chicago screenshot 20RedEye Chicago screenshot 21RedEye Chicago screenshot 22RedEye Chicago screenshot 23

Not too many Chicago news apps will alert you when the latest sushi burrito craze arrives, when Riot Fest and Lolla announce their aftershow lineups, or when there’s a new cute-baby-animal arrival at the Shedd (We ❤ Luna). RedEye is the friend who tells you about the new and fun things to do in Chicago, while also helping you avoid looking like you live under a rock.

– Keep up to date on what to do and where to go in Chicago all. week. long.
– Save stories to read later (online or offline) because, let’s be honest, trains tend to stall underground, amirite?
– Receive push notifications about the breaking news you actually care about
– Customize your app with only the news you want to see (aka hide the “real” news for celeb gossip or vice versa)

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Readly – Readly: The Ultimate Magazine Newsstand


Readly: The Ultimate Magazine Newsstand

Readly screenshot 0Readly screenshot 1Readly screenshot 2Readly screenshot 3Readly screenshot 4Readly screenshot 5Readly screenshot 6Readly screenshot 7Readly screenshot 8Readly screenshot 9Readly screenshot 10Readly screenshot 11Readly screenshot 12Readly screenshot 13Readly screenshot 14

Why choose just one magazine when you can read as many titles as you like with Readly?

“App of the Year 2014” – PPA Digital Awards
“Readly is fantastic value for money” – TechRadar

Get the free app as a part of your Readly membership and you can enjoy hundreds of top UK and international titles on your phone or tablet.
Browse the latest and back issues on up to 5 devices – perfect for the family to share.
Start reading magazines instantly or download them and read offline – anywhere, anytime.

Reasons why thousands of readers join Readly everyday and love it:

* Unlimited “All you can read” access to 850+ magazines (including back issues)
* Easy to use, quick and offer best reading experience
* Read all your favourite magazines in one place!
* Share Readly membership with your family – up to 5 devices with one account
* Do more with Readly – zoom, click on web links, bookmark articles, share it with friends and more
* New titles are added every day – our selection of magazines is growing fast!

Love reading? Try Readly and you’ll love it!

OFF-LINE MODE – download magazines and read anywhere, no internet connection required.
UNIQUE SMART SEARCH – you can now search anything your heart desires inside every pages of every magazines. This innovative feature is only available on Readly!
NEVER MISS AN ISSUE – get notified when a new issue of your favourite magazines is available.
FAVOURITE & BOOKMARK – add magazines to Favourites for easy access or bookmark them to read later.
PICK UP WHERE YOU LEFT OFF – switch between devices has never been easier. The magazine will be re-opened on the same page you were for continued reading.
QUICK SCROLL – superfast page scrolling so you can find the page you want in seconds.

If you need help or have suggestions, we would love to hear from you at

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Suara Surabaya Mobile – Suara Surabaya Mobile, we go to be best serve the public in providing news

Suara Surabaya Mobile

Suara Surabaya Mobile, we go to be best serve the public in providing news

Suara Surabaya Mobile screenshot 0Suara Surabaya Mobile screenshot 1Suara Surabaya Mobile screenshot 2Suara Surabaya Mobile screenshot 3Suara Surabaya Mobile screenshot 4

Suara Surabaya FM Radio Broadcasting

we go to be best serve the public in providing information and touch a variety of receivers.

Support up to Android 5 (Lollipop)

See detail information and download apk file for android: