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KrushiKing कृषिकिंग – Krushiking App: Everything about live agriculture updates & market intelligence

KrushiKing कृषिकिंग

Krushiking App: Everything about live agriculture updates & market intelligence

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Krushiking is hyphenated and multi functional application platform designed for Indian farmers. Facilitating sharing of information and knowledge about agriculture, weather forecast, crop management, market rates, general updates, governmental schemes, answers of farming queries by agriculture professionals and success stories in agriculture. Krushiking App is a high tech platform updated and managed live by expert agro professionals (M.Sc./ Ph.D. Agri Sciences), researchers working in Indian and foreign Universities, highly qualified team of IT professionals, team of expert customer care officers and business analysts, BD for B to B/ B to C, data analytics and premium access to ERP dashboard.
Krushiking App provides you authenticate and real time information using dedicated human resource teams of more than 90 employees.We do provide premium add on features for enterprises


Weather Forecast as per location selected

Daily updates of market prices of APMCs, Mandis, traders

Governmental updates- schemes, GRs, subsidies, Trends etc.

Extra Series- Dairy farming, vermicompost, sericulture,Organic farming, goat farming and many (more than 45)

Languages- Marathi, English, Hindi. Covering states of Hindi language, Maharashtra and surrounding states. Initially compatible to Marathi.

E- Magazine- E copy of “Krushiking Magazine” published every month.

Features of Krushiking Magazine – Contains information about agriculture market intelligence and information that helps to boost revenue of farmer.

Calculator for PPM conversion, Sharing utilities options, see friends lists and many more social networking utilities.


FOR B2B SERVICES CONTACT ON : info@krushiking.com


See more information: https://goo.gl/muq7Lg