Chayakkada – Malayalam News – Stay updated with summarised Malayalam news on the go!

Chayakkada - Malayalam News

Stay updated with summarised Malayalam news on the go!

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Chayakkada Malayalam news app selects latest and best news from multiple news sources and summarizes them in Malayalam for a convenient reading experience. Whether it is news from politics or the latest celebrity news, Chayakkada helps you stay informed in the quickest way possible. The app is small in size, consumes very little data and gives a refreshing experience to read short Malayalam news stories. Staying informed has never been so easy.

Highlights of Chayakkada news app:
– Short and precise news in Malayalam

– Swipe to get the next Malayalam news

– Push notifications for breaking Malayalam news

– Quick share option to easily share Malayalam news stories with your friends through your favorite app
– Bookmark Malayalam news stories to read later at your convenience
– Night mode for relaxed reading at night
– Browse through the wide range of categories for a variety of content
– Adjust font size to suit your vision

Chayakkada Malayalam news app helps you save time and stay connected with the relevant daily trends in Kerala, India and the world. Download today and reinvent the way you read Malayalam news. Chayakkada lets you read Malayalam news fast and easy. A brand new Malayalam short news experience!
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