La Presse+ – Discover the experience of the most comprehensive information provided by La Presse.

La Presse+

Discover the experience of the most comprehensive information provided by La Presse.

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Experience the most comprehensive information ever offered by the largest newsroom in Quebec. Mobile, interactive and intuitive, La Presse + (La Presse Plus) combines the best of print, web and video and allows you to deepen news fingertips. Navigate easily in rich, fleshed out and stay in all times abreast of current events through live news. Subscribe now for free La Presse + (La Presse Plus) and redefine how to advise you.


– Experience friendly, intuitive and non-intrusive;
– Rich content and expanded to deepen with videos, photo galleries, interactive images, audio clips, tabbed folders, scrolling screens and more;
– Articles, photos, videos and illustrations viewable in full-screen mode;
– News and weather forecasts in real time;
– Automatic download and overnight delivery of editions before 5: 30 pm;
– Edition available offline once downloaded;
– Content Sharing with multiple applications like Facebook and Twitter;
– Access to the section break, exclusive to La Presse +;
– Access to external links without leaving the app;
– Automatic scrolling of items and choosing the font size;
– Showcase that allows you to view your old editions and special editions;
– Three crossword puzzles and horoscope every day;
– Ability to view the Press + on a TV using an HDMI cable.

Application permissions

By downloading the Press +, you grant the following permissions:
– Get location data during subscription (precise location through Wi-Fi network and approximate location by GPS), only if the reader permits it;
– Read the tablet’s memory (USB storage contents) and modify / delete to allow downloading and deleting editions on the shelf;
– Search accounts on the tablet to fetch mail at the subscription only if the reader permits it;
– View network connections, have full access to the network and receive Internet data to allow downloading of editions and receiving notifications;
– If run at startup to allow reception of today’s edition and notifications to the opening of the tablet;
– Check the buzzer to signal the reception of notifications;
– Prevent tablet from going to sleep mode when using the Press + to enable reading an article in full screen mode or video.

To review the privacy policy of the Press + for Android tablets, visit the site.

See more information and download apk file for android:


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