Scope – Scope – Your News. Hand-picked.


Scope – Your News. Hand-picked.

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nextMedia.Hamburg (an initiative of the local digital and media business, Hamburg (DE)) ranks Scope (formerly known as “Niuws”) among the top 5 news aggregators worldwide. According to the Swiss business paper «Neue Zürcher Zeitung» the Scope app is «appealing and fully functional», its content «exciting». The journalist Janosch Tröhler writes in his private blog that Scope would be the app he has been waiting for. Get your own idea of the Scope app and enjoy the advantages of hand-picked news.

Need to keep track of the latest developments in your industry or area of expertise? Do you spend a lot of time each day reading newspapers trying to find articles which are relevant to your business? Scope is here to help.

Scope brings you the best articles from all german-speaking news sites in one single app. Every day, specialists hand-pick the most relevant news in their area of expertise and publish them to their personal box. You can follow specific topics, selecting from a wide variety of boxes based on your interests. No matter whether you are interested in technology, health topics or the aviation industry, we’ve got you covered. Just follow one or several boxes, and you will be notified automatically when new articles are available. Your feedback is appreciated: Interact with the box editors about article selection and related topics or share interesting articles with your peers.

The amount of boxes is constantly growing and we are delighted to welcome luminaries like Nick Lüthi curating the «Medienwandel» box or Stefan Leuthold selecting only the most relevant articles about digital strategy for you. If you think that a specific topic is missing or would like to learn about the possibilities of curating a box yourself, please do not hesitate to contact us at – we’d love to hear from you.

Please note that this application currently only features German content. Other languages will follow soon.

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