TV Familie – Thé 1 & showbiz glamor magazine. All pics & scoops you get first!

TV Familie

Thé 1 & showbiz glamor magazine. All pics & scoops you get first!

TV Familie screenshot 0TV Familie screenshot 1TV Familie screenshot 2TV Familie screenshot 3TV Familie screenshot 4TV Familie screenshot 5TV Familie screenshot 6TV Familie screenshot 7TV Familie screenshot 8TV Familie screenshot 9TV Familie screenshot 10TV Familie screenshot 11TV Familie screenshot 12TV Familie screenshot 13TV Familie screenshot 14TV Familie screenshot 15TV Familie screenshot 16TV Familie screenshot 17

Family TV is a glossy, internationally and daring showbiz magazine. In a fast, snappy and practical way brings news, photos, interviews and reports from national and international celebrities. Plus you get weekly 8 pages with the latest trends, do’s and don’ts, lookalikes and much more.

* You choose yourself how you want to read Family TV: if it is the paper magazine, or an article in a simple text and image versions. You can zoom in on pages, articles and images.
* Your digital magazine is always done through the automatic download.
* Missed Magazine? No problem. You can always download the magazines of the past weeks.
* Do you have a slow Internet connection? Then choose a “light version” of the magazine. Once you have a better internet connection, you can download the “full version”.
* You can download and read offline later the magazine first.

Who subscribed on TV Family (hard copy or digital magazine), read with this app the magazine for free. Do not know how to log in if you have forgotten your login details, you can contact our reader service: +32 2 454 29 56 (during office hours).

If you are not a subscriber, you may purchase the digital magazine through your Google Play account. You can buy a weekly magazine for € 1.99.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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