Valor – The best content of economics, finance and business.


The best content of economics, finance and business.

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The amount for Android app was designed for people who wish to be always well informed, who do not give up agility and mobility.
You can read the newspaper reports Economic Value, Articles of prestigious columnists and the latest news in finance, economics and business. In addition to receiving quotations, always updated, stocks and currencies.


Our menu divided into categories allows the user to find more easily the news of interest.


You will not miss anything. All Value Site news are available in the application and can be found in the highlights of the day and also the date and time of publication. Including photos and exclusive news for subscribers.


Exclusive feature for Android users!
You can save the news in a list to access anytime, anywhere.


If you already have a login in value, you can use the same data to access the application and enjoy all its benefits, which are now integrated.

If you are still not a member, you can perform a quick registration via the application, which will allow you to read monthly 5 exclusive news to subscribers.

If you are already a subscriber, just do your login and enjoy the best content in the market.

Not to register? All right, we also have content for you. Browse anonymously in the application and access our open content.


It is also easier to know what was published in the latest version of Valor. In the side menu there is a category that only displays the contents of the print.


It’s not fair to have access to the best content in the market and can not share with their colleagues. The Share option, available in the news, you choose whether to send the material to someone or share on social networks in which it participates.


Stay up to date on changes in the market. In this version of the application, you can track currency exchange rates, stock performance and inflation.


Find from a keyword the news you need.

Detail information:


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