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Berner Zeitung

Berner Zeitung for Android

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Continuously updated news, analysis, backgrounds, photos: The information package of is presented in a new guise.
Features at a glance:
– New design, new navigation: The App presents itself visually tidier, the main item on the front will be awarded with a larger screen more weight.
– Continuously updated news, Live Scores, analyzes, background information: With the app you will find all the content from all over the thematic scope of
– Breaking News (push alerts): For events of great importance is available on request free of charge a notification to your smartphone.
– Story later read (bookmarks): Save interesting articles that you want to read later in our bookmarks.
– Intelligent Update feature: Once downloaded content, you can later read offline.
As an existing newspaper subscriber, you can access all your digital content for free. With the purchase of BZ Berner Zeitung Digital subscriptions within the app make sure you get unrestricted access to all content. The download of the BZ Berner Zeitung app is free and up to 20 digital products per month are freely accessible to all readers. The Digital Light subscription you get for CHF 19.- per month and the digital subscription for CHF 33.- per month.
By downloading articles and multimedia content additional connection charges may apply. Check with your cell phone provider.

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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