Bihari Napló – Read the diary Bihari your tablet or smartphone!

Bihari Napló

Read the diary Bihari your tablet or smartphone!

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Tablet or smartphone? The trading application log Bihari digital subscribers on any of them, you can always read the latest edition of your favorite newspaper. But what is more like the printed newspaper?

The Bihari applications including log-platform two at a time can be selected: one hand, PDF-based digital-paged newspaper, on the other hand, we offer a new web interface where all the related photo gallery átböngészehet.

What do we offer?
– Interactive surface where the articles not only can read comfortably, but soon you can share with your friends (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, email, etc.).
– Offline can read previously downloaded page numbers.
– You can place bookmarks, browse the archive page songs as well.
– Digital subscriber, do not miss the broadcast appears every Friday tévémagazinunkról The Week, and even further our thematic magazine, you can read the appban!
– The application direct access to our site, where mobile-optimized interface, using any device reading experience, we provide full-paged képgalériákkal, graphics.

See detail information:


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