L’Avenir Journal – L'Avenir newspaper: news by region, mobile digital and PDF versions

L'Avenir Journal

L’Avenir newspaper: news by region, mobile digital and PDF versions

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Discover the mobile version of your newspaper (for tablets and smartphones)
Your newspaper is now available in a new digital format, perfectly adapted to the screen of your tablet or your smartphone, designed and built by the editors for these devices. The best way to learn all about the daily news in the world (US elections, France …), Belgium, the local and regional level (Brussels, Namur, Liege, Charleroi, Tournai, Wavre, Arlon …) and sport, not to mention the weather and TV programs. The future remains Journal also available in classic digital version (PDF of the paper version) in the booth of your app.
With the new digital version, L’Avenir offers a more comfortable reading the newspaper:
– Presentation adapted to the screen of your tablet / smartphone, article by article
– Navigation and reading easier
– Browsing the content of the newspaper by the swipe (slide the finger right to left on the screen)
– Read articles by the scroll (drag the bottom finger up)
– Viewing pictures galleries (tap on the photo)
– Watching Videos (tap on the play icon)
– Links to external sites
If you prefer, the entire log is accessible every day classic digital version (PDF of the paper version). Simply specify the top in the left menu (Tablet) or the Adjust / Playback Preferences (tablet / smartphone).
Supplements (deuzio, Sam’di …) are themselves only available in classic digital version (PDF of the paper version).
To buy The Future of Android:
Subscription • 1 week: € 5.99 – Automatic renewal
• Purchase per issue: € 0.99 – € 1.99 for the weekend
With your subscription, the last 30 days newspapers are available for purchase.
Automatic Renewal: Your subscription is renewed automatically, without your intervention. If you buy a periodic subscription (weekly for example) automatically renewing, you can cancel at any time before the end of the billing cycle. The cancellation will not take effect until the end of the billing cycle. For example: if you buy a weekly subscription, you may cancel at any time during the week of the subscription. The subscription will be canceled at the end of the week.
You will not receive a refund for the current billing period. You will continue to receive issues and updates of the subscription for the remainder of the current billing period, and your access to these will not be affected by the cancellation. Payment will be made upon confirmation of purchase.
To offer you the best of news from Belgium and abroad, our editorial staff continuously invests in its journalistic quest. Discover everyday information in a critical perspective, that of quality, and now with a version optimized for touch screens.
The future is in content.

Download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com


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