UOL Eleições 2016 – Apuração – Search candidates, research, polling and news of the Municipal Elections 2016

UOL Eleições 2016 – Apuração

Search candidates, research, polling and news of the Municipal Elections 2016

UOL Eleições 2016 – Apuração screenshot 0UOL Eleições 2016 – Apuração screenshot 1UOL Eleições 2016 – Apuração screenshot 2UOL Eleições 2016 – Apuração screenshot 3UOL Eleições 2016 – Apuração screenshot 4UOL Eleições 2016 – Apuração screenshot 5

Follow the Municipal Elections in 2016 by UOL: app to search for candidates for mayor and alderman, research Ibope and Datafolha, counting of votes and results, news, photos, videos and live stream hearings and debates.

The UOL Elections 2016 app is simple, easy and intuitive, while useful, convenient and fast for those who want to stay on top of news and information. With a timeline format, navigation becomes more objective and dynamic. In addition, the app is completely free and it does not take UOL subscriber to use it. See the features in detail:

CANDIDATE SEARCH: see the mayoral candidate list and the alderman of his city and the log data of their applications in the Electoral Court. You can filter them by political party and see information such as full name, urn name, number, office, networking and personal information. All information of the chips are provided by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE).

CALCULATION OF VOTES AND RESULTS IN REAL TIME: monitor the application of the score calculation vote of the Municipal Elections 2016 in your city. On the scoreboard, you can see results, placements, percentages, number of votes and candidates elected. The calculation of the data will be provided by the TSE. The voting date of the first round will be on October 02 and the second round will be the 30th of the same month.

RESEARCH AND IBOPE DATAFOLHA: see the placement and the percentage of the current candidates in the polls on voting intentions of these institutes.

FULL COVERAGE, THE CAMPAIGN TO VERIFICATION: the secret of conscious vote is in information. With the app you follow opinions of renowned bloggers in the political environment, as well as news, photos and videos of the main cities of Brazil.

Sabbath LIVE VIDEO AND DEBATES: Watch for application to the live broadcast on video hearings organized by UOL and follow debates between mayoral candidates in real time to better understand their proposals for government.

EVENT ALERTS IMPORTANT: Get news notifications, surveys and counting of votes.

RIDE YOUR COLA: to decide who will be their representatives, you can create your glue to use when voting on an electronic voting machine. Just search and add the candidates for mayor and councilor you chose to have the names, photos and their numbers are filled in automatically.

EVALUATE YOUR CITY: participate in the poll and opine about the problems in their municipality, and view the main problems identified by the population.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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