Kontan – Portal news and economic data, business and investment the most complete and reliable


Portal news and economic data, business and investment the most complete and reliable

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Cash is a news portal economics, business and investment and complete. Not only provides news and information quickly, we also present data -data macroeconomic, sectoral, until the financial and stock market data is accurate, complete, and continuously updated, from reliable sources.
News and data that we serve not only limited to what happened in Indonesia, we also present data and news from abroad.


– Investments (shares, News Issuer, Recommendation The Analyst, Foreign Exchange, Resadana, Unitlink, property, commodities, alternative investments, etc.)
– National (Macroeconomics, Policy, Legislation, Law)
– Finance (Banking, Non-banks, Multifinance, Pawn, guarantee, insurance, etc.)
– Industry (Trade, Manufacturing, Agribusiness, Energy, Infrastructure, etc.)
– Regional (News of the areas that affect business activity, investment and economic)
– International (News interesting and important from abroad)
– English (news Indonesia which we presented in English)
– Business Opportunities (business opportunities and news about the ins and outs of starting a business)
– Personal Finance (review how to manage personal finances to achieve financial freedom)
– Life Style (News mild about lifestyle, health, culinary, travel and gadgets)
– The ter (Everything ter … most unique, the most expensive, cheapest, biggest, smallest, densest and the other pitch here)

– The movement of stock prices in Indonesia Stock Exchange
– The movement of stock indices in the Indonesia Stock Exchange, regional exchanges and the world
– Data on net asset value (NAV) of mutual funds
– Data on net asset value (NAV) unitlink
– The price of gold (Metal Mulia- Antam)
– The rupiah and foreign currencies
– Tax rate
– Data auto sales (cars and motorcycles)
– Macro Data: Bank Indonesia Certificates (SBI), inflation, BI rate, interest rate Fair LPS, Reserves
– Interest rates on deposits at some banks

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/news-magazines


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