Metro News Canada – Access the daily news from Canada's most read weekday national newspaper

Metro News Canada

Access the daily news from Canada’s most read weekday national newspaper

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Metro News is Canada’s most read weekday national newspaper. Metro publishes coast to coast in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, and Halifax and offers you the news with a local flavour .

This app provides local, national and international news as well as coverage of sports, entertainment, life, columns, blogs and horoscopes.

Want to download and go? Download to read offline so you can read articles when you no longer have an Internet connection.

Notice: As of Aug. 12, 2015, Montréal is no longer available in this application. To access Journal Metro, please visit in your mobile browser.

Depuis le 12 août 2015, Montréal n’est plus disponible dans l’application. Pour accéder au contenu du journal Métro, s’il vous plait visitez avec votre fureteur mobile.

– Various stability improvements and bug fixes
– Modifications to interface
– User-initiated download for offline reading
– Reduced data usage when retrieving content
– Broader sharing options in articles
– Tablet view added

— Interface —
• Main navigation of the app is now located at the top right of your screen
• Sections, settings and download for offline reading are located in main navigation
• Font size can now be modified within an article

— Offline reading & content —
• “Download to read offline” function can be found in the main navigation
• Content will not be downloaded in the background (user must initiate download)

Notice: the following features have been removed:
• Augmented Reality
• Local weather
• Scheduled download

We would like to thank you, our readers, for your feedback and support. We greatly appreciate the time you took to let us know your thoughts and the improvements you wanted to see. Please continue to email with your questions or complaints. We encourage you to leave a review in the app store and let us know how we can continue to improve.

Download apk file:


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