Chau Mauri – Countdown until MM last moment as Argentina President

Chau Mauri

Countdown until MM last moment as Argentina President

Chau Mauri screenshot 0Chau Mauri screenshot 1Chau Mauri screenshot 2Chau Mauri screenshot 3Chau Mauri screenshot 4Chau Mauri screenshot 5Chau Mauri screenshot 6Chau Mauri screenshot 7Chau Mauri screenshot 8Chau Mauri screenshot 9Chau Mauri screenshot 10Chau Mauri screenshot 11

Application for your Android device that shows a countdown until the last moment of Mauricio Macri in his current position as President of Argentina.
The countdown is up to December 10, 2015 at 0:00:

The December 10th Oath Ceremony of the President-elect in the Argentina Congress of the Nation is made. At seven o’clock the presidential guard of Mounted Grenadiers Regiment “General San Martin” pick the next president in his house to take him to HCD. I will be accompanied by Vice President-elect three officers, one of the navy, army and other aeronautical another. At eight arrival of the President to Congress, along with his aide and escorted by soldiers of the Regiment of Grenadiers to horse takes place. There will be received by the Commission outside the HCD on the esplanade and immediately after, along with Vice President-elect, will be driven to the site by the commission of the interior.
Both incoming and outgoing president, entering the enclosure and are located on the stand. The head of the Assembly invites the President and Vice President elected to swear Law, the Assembly set up. After this happened, the Chief Government Notary reads the corresponding minutes and the transmission of presidential insignia, which is the transmission of the presidential sash from the outgoing President to the President of the Nation and similarly occurs, gives the baton. Following this, the President and Vice President must sign the Act to the Chief Government Notary.
At the end of this ceremony, at nine in the morning, the President accompanies the outgoing President together with his ex-ministers and ex-aides, to the exit to dismiss.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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