TioMobile – All news tio.ch of the reach of a tap!


All news tio.ch of the reach of a tap!

TioMobile screenshot 0TioMobile screenshot 1TioMobile screenshot 2TioMobile screenshot 3TioMobile screenshot 4TioMobile screenshot 5

All news tio the reach of a tap!

Introducing the new app, in a completely new and designed for use on smartphones and tablets!

Articles of tio with lots of images and videos, reports, sports scores and epaper 20mins of all within the one application.

We have received some reports of users requesting information on the types of permits required by the application.

Asking permission to read the status of the phone it is used by the application to handle notifications.

The recorded audio is for the new feature of this article. Although we use only the playback system that we use also we require permits registration.

Permits access to the device memory is required for the reproduction of the articles for submission of reports.

The various permits concerning the location are used in different sections of the app.

The address book is enabled for integration with Whatsapp, the heading is necessary to open a chat with Ticinonline.

See detail information: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/news-magazines


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