Agência Brasil Central – TV Central Brazil, RBC FM, RBC AM

Agência Brasil Central

TV Central Brazil, RBC FM, RBC AM

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The first major step of official communication occurred with the beginning of the Official Gazette of the State of Goiás, even before there are radio and television stations. The Press Officer of Goiás was founded by Provincial Law of 16 March 1836. On 3 June 1837, first circulated the Official Mail Goiás. The Official Journal aims at disseminating decrees, orders, summonses and all that is officially related to the State of Goiás.

Central Brazil Radio was established in 1950 and since then has become a landmark in the history of Goiás people. The program is comprehensive, with music, sporting affairs, news coverage and diversified entertainment business.

RBC is in the air since 1973. With well-planned repertoire, gives listeners a smooth musical grid and newsletters throughout the programming.

Television Central Brazil (TBC) appeared in 1975. Through extensive coverage, the station monitors the state of Goias events and delivers quality content to viewers, with programs that include journalism, entertainment and culture. At the national level, it is affiliated with TV Cultura, which makes programming even more interesting with the display of movies, cartoons and documentaries.

The modernization and the advent of the Internet have always been in the eyes of ABC. Following the technological developments, news reports began to be served by electronic means from 2000 on the site Goiás now. This achievement provided even more agility on the roof and institutional disclosure of government actions.

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