Winnipeg Elections – This is the official app for municipal elections in Winnipeg

Winnipeg Elections

This is the official app for municipal elections in Winnipeg

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The City of Winnipeg School Board Trustee by-election is being held on Saturday, June 11, 2016. This mobile application includes information related to the following:
· Who Can Vote? Find out if you are an eligible voter.

· Where Do I Vote? Find out where you can vote on by-election day or during advance voting. ID Requirements – Detailed information provided on voter ID requirements.

· Legislation – View applicable election legislation.

· Voting FAQ – Detailed information on commonly asked questions.

· Advance Voting – Find out about advance voting opportunities and locations.

· Candidate Listing –View candidate information for School Board Trustees.

· For Candidates – Thinking of running as a Candidate? Find detailed information about the election process.

· Maps of Winnipeg – View Winnipeg and School Division Boundary maps.

· Contact – Have a question? Contact the Election Office.

· Official Results – View results on election night.

· Stay connected while on the go.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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