In Vales de Minas – News feed, job vacancies and contests in your pocket

In Vales de Minas

News feed, job vacancies and contests in your pocket

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Welcome to IN VALLEY MINES, your source for news of Mines vouchers. Vale do Rio Doce, Jequitinhonha and Steel Valley.

The IN MINE VALLEYS you get updated with the regional news and offered job offers and contests info.

Our news source back to the feeds you the following news outlets:


* G1 – Mining Valleys
* Diario do Rio Doce
* It happened in the Valley
* News in the East
* Plox
* Folhha of Commerce
* TV SuperCanal
* Daily Caratinga
* Daily Jequi


* Infojobs

* Vagas.Com

* Indeed


* PCI Contests
* Journal of Contests
* Find Contests
* Contests in Brazil

The MINE IN VALLEYS is not affiliated or connected with any of the information vehicles mentioned above. The submitted content comes from already publicly available news on the Internet, and the application can not be held responsible for the content of the news presented.

The logos that represent the sites and source of news is the exclusive property of the same.
The MINE IN VALLEYS only used to facilitate recognition of news sources by users

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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