BitRead – BitRead Bookstore is all-in-one digital book store!


BitRead Bookstore is all-in-one digital book store!

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BITREAD is digital book store using Buqu, a leading ecosystem and platform of digital publishing and bookstore. BITREAD is managed by Teknopreneur Indonesia, a company focused on the dissemination of information on business and technology in Indonesia.

Excellence of BITREAD with Buqu platform are:
– Users can purchase and download thousand books and magazine from university and general publishers.

– Users can download free pages of a book and magazine before deciding to buy those book.

– Users simply buy a book and magazine and can read their book anytime in their bookshelf.
– Users can directly read a book anda magazine per page after buying without waiting download process be finished.
– Users do not have to worry about downloading activity which is suddenly interrupted, the application will automatically resume download process without starting again from beginning (resume-able download technology).

– Users can use their account to download and save the same book and magazine in three different devices (tablet, personal computer or smartphone).
– Users can choose whether to buy a book and magazine in full or partial (for selected books only).
– All-in-one! Unlike most similar applications, BitRead Bookstore with Buqu platform has a look, presentation manner, simple activity process & easy to understand, and all can be done in one application. Start from registration, top-up, look for a book, downloading and read books, all in one application only!

Detail information and download apk file:


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