Concursos Mobile 2 – The best information and procurement notices throughout Brazil.

Concursos Mobile 2

The best information and procurement notices throughout Brazil.

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Pass an open competition is the dream of many people. Salaries are usually good and with several benefits, not to mention the stability that very account, ensuring job security. Every year, several public tenders are opened throughout Brazil, but how to know each of them in time, and can ensure their participation? Have you ever thought about having all this information literally in the palm of your hand?

The Contests Mobile is an application for your Android device (tablet or smartphone) which will provide you with all procurement advice within Brazil. It obtains data from several internet portals and offers you the best information necessary to contest details related regions, date of entries, notices and attachments related to tenders of interest.

With this application, you will be able to read all the news and information about public tenders in Brazil, separated by region and state. You can have access only to those closest contests of you, if you prefer. Also, if some tender interest you, you can save your favorites for later verification.

You will download all notices and attachments of contests to read anytime through your smartphone or tablet. Everything will be stored on your device and you do not need internet access when you want to display everything you have saved.

If you want you also can send the details of a contract to your email. So, if you want or do not not like download time, you send a message, and when ready, have quick access to content. You can send even a friend or anyone who has an interest in the contest, and share the details in your favorite social network.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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