Cooking Magazine – This application belongs to those who love cooking.

Cooking Magazine

This application belongs to those who love cooking.

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This application belongs to those who love cooking. It is free and there is no need for registration.

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By this application, you can simply cook different types of foods and deserts. Moreover, you will receive new recipes everyday.
If you enjoy a recipe, mark it as favorite so it is always available.

The content is categorized in following groups so you can easily access them:
• Iranian food: you learn Iranian local food of variety cities.
• International food: you learn Asian, European and American food.
• Appetizer: if you want to surprise your guests by some delicious Appetizers, look at this part.
• Dessert: you can find many different desserts such as fruit tart, cake and so on.
• Salad: different types of salads even for those who follow regime.
• Drink: different types of drinks and herbal teas.
• Side dishes: different types of pickle, sauce and so on.

Here are some Features of this application:
• Articles and recipes are categorized in groups
• Able to search in texts and headlines
• Able to add recipes to favorite list
• Full screen
• Access to the contents and move them easily
• The possibility of turning the contents without returning to the list
• Able to change font size and type
• Able to Share recipes in WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Tango, Telegram, email and so on
• Able to save images
• Pull to refresh for updating

There are some points for using this application easily:
• If you read a text once online, you will be able to read it offline next time.
• If you want to save an image, click it. The save button is at the bottom left side of the gallery.
• If the contents were loaded with delay, go to the setting and delete temporary memory.
• If you are looking for especial subject, use search tool.

Send your suggestions and Criticisms to the address:

#Persian Food
#International Dishes
#Sweets and Desserts

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