Swiss Review – “Swiss Review” – the magazine for the Swiss abroad.

Swiss Review

“Swiss Review” – the magazine for the Swiss abroad.

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The new “Swiss Review” app was developed for use on Tablets and Smartphones.
What’s new:
– All new, redesigned Kiosk with three different views
– All new, redesigned Reader, main issues as PDF with HTML enriched articles
– New! Available as iPhone version with HTML articles
– Push notifications
– Android 3.0 and higher
– This app is also available on iOS for iPad and iPhone in the Apple App Store

“Swiss Review” – the magazine for the Swiss abroad – is now available for Android Tablets and Smartphones. “Swiss Review” is published in five languages and 14 regional editions, and has a circulation of over 400,000. It appears six times a year and is the only medium to reach all Swiss abroad.

“Swiss Review” provides Swiss citizens abroad with information from home and keeps them up-to-date about their rights and obligations. It covers issues such as politics, business, culture, sport and society. Particular emphasis is placed on political information to enable Swiss citizens living abroad to exercise their electoral and voting rights competently. The “” section of “Swiss Review” also contains official information.

“Swiss Review” is published by the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA) in Berne. OSA is independent of federal government, though it does receive support for the publication of “Swiss Review”.

An electronic version of “Swiss Review” has been available since 2009. Any Swiss abroad who so choose have been receiving the magazine electronically ever since. This new app makes the electronic version much more attractive and user-friendly.

Detailed instructions on the app can be found at revue_ch/en/app

Suggestions concerning the app can be sent to

See detail information and download apk file:


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