Беларускае Радыё Рацыя – Belarusian Radio The radio – music, news and commentary in Belarusian.

Беларускае Радыё Рацыя

Belarusian Radio The radio – music, news and commentary in Belarusian.

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Belarusian Radio The radio – music, news and commentary in Belarusian. The radio works Belarusians for Belarusians living all over the world.

Society, language, culture, politics, economics, sports, international cooperation, great music – it trumps the Belarusian Radio The radio that join to the fact that our radio knows in Belarus.

Belarusian Radio The radio broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week on the waves of FM 98,1 in the Grodno region and FM 99,2 in Brest and the surrounding area. The range of the radio signal covers the territory of Western Belarus, home to about 1.5 million people.

Program Belarusian Radio The radio is not created from the perspective of certain political views, and according to the principles of objective and independent information, not propaganda.

Belarusian Radio The radio – is a response to the need to support the democratization of Belarus. The transboundary nature of Radio The radio helps to develop the cultural, social and economic ties between Belarus, Poland and the European Union. Belarusian Radio The radio enhances the Belarusian language who are discriminated against in Belarus, and creates a space for the development of independent media of Belarusian journalists.

Radio eliminates the barriers to access to free and independent media in Belarus, provides objective news and comments on the events in Belarus and all over the world, supports the Belarusian language and culture and promotes democratic values: the right to free elections, rule of law, person, free access to information.

Journalists Radio The radio combined joint sealed the fate of the political situation prevailing during the reign of Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus. They can not easily be mission objective journalism in Belarus, for their work they may face persecution and repression of various kinds. From small observations and inconvenience through lack of accreditation of trouble and harassment by the police, to the prosecutor’s official warnings, threats of arrest and detention. The journalist, who cares about objectivity in their professional activities can count on the cooperation only with informal media, resulting in the marginalization of journalistic career. In this connection, the Belarusian journalists with professional ambitions, and especially the young, are forced to work in the media registered outside Belarus, and sometimes even to emigrate.

Radio The radio has a modern site, the number of visitors is constantly increasing.

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