Belarus Today – News – Glance at the news and stay up to date on current events with Belarus Today ap

Belarus Today - News

Glance at the news and stay up to date on current events with Belarus Today ap

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The Belarus Today news app keeps it brief, making it the perfect app to stay on top of the news on the go. The mobile app offers in-depth coverage of a large range of news stories sorted by publication date and refreshed regularly throughout the workday by a force of more than 150 reporters and editors, many of them recipients of prestigious journalism awards, it contains comprehensive information on the official stance of the Belarusian authorities and experts regarding events in Belarus and worldwide. The app makes is easy to seamlessly switch between the home page and all verticals including President, Politics, Society, Breaking News, Special Reports, Culture, and Sports among others.

Belarus Today’s main feed gets constantly updated by our editorial team to deliver breaking news, world news, current events, analysis and commentary from the Belarus Segodnya newspaper proper or other most trusted outlets like the Narodnaya Gazeta newspaper (The People’s Newspaper), the Respublika newspaper (The Republic), the Znamya Yunosti newspaper (The Youth Banner) and the Selskaya Gazeta newspaper (The Village Newspaper).

The app’s features include:

• Breadth of Coverage: Navigate between stories to explore a wide range of topics from politics to entertainment to commentary and opinion pieces and more. Get full access to the latest headlines from today’s news and original content including full blog content updated throughout the week and our online archive.
• Customization and Flexible Access: Customize which sections will be in your shortcuts and available for instant offline reading. Read online or save stories and read them later offline.
• A visually appealing layout for a range of mobile devices. Explore a seamless stream of articles, pictures on your phone or tablet. Share articles and photos through your favorite sharing platform.
• A fast-loading text-only version of the current news website optimized for users on mobile devices. We’re aiming to offer a fast, easy browsing experience whatever type of device you are using. We’ve made it easy for you to skim through the news headlines and summaries so you can easily get updated on the stories of the day with the feel of the main site and a more centered focus on the news story.
We have been working hard to optimize our app for your device and we are continually making improvements.

Feedback? Suggestions? Issues? Please contact our support team at We’ll do our best to assist you. Your feedback is important to us.

Belarus Today is available on your mobile. Simply visit sb_by

See more information and download apk file for android:


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