Notizie della Regione Piemonte – Periodic information of the Piedmont Region

Notizie della Regione Piemonte

Periodic information of the Piedmont Region

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The magazine News of the Piedmont Region began publication in 1972, representing the only means of direct communication of the Region: today, it is the only means of communication edited jointly by the Press Offices of the Executive and Council.
Forty years later, in late 2011, the evolution of the information system and the mode of communication adopted by the Body, has imposed a complete review of the role and content. The previous periodicity (bimonthly), did not allow for timely follow the political-administrative. On the other hand, were born and grew well other instruments (both paper and multimedia) to give account of the debate, of the process of the measures, the regional initiatives.
It was considered, therefore, to review the mission of news, transforming it into a “magazine”, a quarterly, containing in-depth services on the main topics of debate political and administrative.
In practice, are identified from time to time some major themes – less prone to obsolescence – proposing for each large reportage, which see both the position of the region, in the different components (Board, majority, opposition), and the support of interventions qualified external (by parties influential trade associations, social representation, local authorities, academia …).
Thus News can become a center of debate can express a qualified position on key issues for the socio-economic and cultural identity of the Piedmont.
The preparation of the print publication (20,000 copies) combines the ability to make it available in real time on the corporate website (where it is already loaded the entire archive of more than 40 years of outputs).
From now is also available through the appropriate App.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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