Votre Police – "Your Police" offers many features aimed at the general public.

Votre Police

"Your Police" offers many features aimed at the general public.

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At the first use, the user selects a reference Township to receive privileged information on this block, such as news or recruitment, but nevertheless cut other important information, such as disappearances, from other fonts. This choice, which one can return, can automatically set the cantonal graphical configuration. The user can then enter your personal details, which are not mandatory. However, if a call to 117, operators can identify and locate more quickly. Finally, the opportunity to be geo-locate, receive weather phenomena alerts, security alerts and traffic information.

The application’s features include:

The application offers various topics listed under “News”, “Police stations”, “Wanted”, “Prevention”, “Employment and Training”, “Traffic Cameras”, “Notifications dangers” and “Call 117 “.
The “News” automatically provides all the releases issued, allowing users to receive information directly premiere.
Under “Police stations” offers, if the user has enabled geo location, map and list of the nearest police stations of him. Selecting the position of his choice, the user has an earlier geographical view, the distance to the site, the route to get there, the exact address and phone number. Job opening hours are also reported and the ability to call the office, simply by selecting the general number or 117 (with a 5 second timeout) is offered.
The “Missing Persons” proposes the notice of disappearance of all fonts engaged in “Your Police”, in order to allow maximum dissemination of such information oh how indispensable.
The “Prevention” presents all the campaigns, such as road, against theft, various hazards, cyber attacks, etc., and provides useful tips to protect effectively.
For those interested in the police and commitments, the “Jobs and Training” gives the number of statistical information as well as job opportunities, as well as administrative officers. An overview of the trade, the admission requirements, changes in the training school and during the career is important information that can be found by interested users.
The “traffic cameras” allow users to check the status of traffic on the motorway bypass, thanks to the cameras of the Federal Office of roads. The images are refreshed every 30 seconds.
The “Notifications of danger” allows, in case of acceptance of the geolocation, the user to receive specific information for events close position, such as an alert related to pickpocketing in specific location. Thus, if it is in the area or if he returns there during the time of the alert, the citizen will be advised of a potential danger, allowing it to be more attentive.
The collaboration between the two cantons provide rich information together in one common application. Expected future developments of this application are, ultimately, the integration of all the cantonal police romandes in a cooperative vision, demonstrating their willingness to work together, especially in areas such as the prevention and fight against crime .

Download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/news-magazines


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