TV COOP/SC – TVCOOP / SC TV Cooperative of Santa Catarina.


TVCOOP / SC TV Cooperative of Santa Catarina.

TV COOP/SC screenshot 0TV COOP/SC screenshot 1

TVCOOP / SC – It is an online TV maintained by Fecoagro, Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Santa Catarina, which brings cooperative information and agribusiness. With a varied program presents special programs, documentaries and music shows. The TV COOP / SC, is in the air since July 2010 promoting the cooperative, with emphasis on issues of agribusiness, health and education. The program consists of own content and also with content provided by other sectors through partnerships with Fecoagro. The station is plural, democratic and offering viewers live broadcasts of cooperative events and agribusiness sector. A unique professional team produces and presents field days of the member cooperatives as well as events that are related to the cooperative. The TVCOOP / SC can also be accessed through the site fecoagro_coop_br.

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