FlashNews: LeftRight – Get all your favorite News outlets from the Left and the Right.

FlashNews: LeftRight

Get all your favorite News outlets from the Left and the Right.

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Why have several apps to get your news? Now, with FlashNEWS: LeftRight, you can get all your favorite news within one app.
You check your site, and then compare with competing new organizations to dissimulate all the current events. Dont be bound be one organizations views, or ideology.

FlashNEWS: LeftRight, brings them all. Your Choice!!

the Legal Stuff Not affiliated with any news organization. This application simply provides news site information via their public RSS feeds. All copyright, images and content belong to the respectful owners.

Some of the feeds

On the LEFT

• Associated Press
• Capitol Public Radio
• Huffington Post
• Nation Public Radio
• New York Times
• Politico
• Reuters
• Salon
• Talking Points Memo
• The Atlantic
• Weekly Standard
• Wall Street Journal

On the RIGHT

• Breitbart
• Drudge
• FoxNews
• GretaWire
• Heritage Foundation
• InfoWars
• NewsBusters
• NewsMAX
• Glenn Beck
• TownHall
• Washington Times


Detail information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/news-magazines


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