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In accordance with an objective editorial policy, Turkish sports and especially the first issue of the Journal Serencebey which aims to provide more value to Besiktas was released on 19.03.2005.
Active Serencebey Newspaper Group, broadcast, banking, finance and IT industry professionals, academics, bureaucrats, the organ is active Beşiktaşlılar Formation consisting of the real sector executives. That the name of Besiktas JK laid the foundation of the Osman Pasha Mansion is located is the Serencebey Slope.

This mobile application Serencebey Gazette:
compatible with my
-the Contemporary writings
-Beğenil Fine Writing
-Serencebey Activities
With guys like -Adam title; Süleyman Seba, Father Rights and Honorary Bey
-Social Media integration with Facebook and Twitter shares

You are offering to our valued readers.

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