Mobilität 2030 – Mobility 2030

Mobilität 2030

Mobility 2030

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Experience the future of the automobile in the new e-magazine.

Experts agree, in the next few years carried the greatest upheaval in the mobile industry since the invention of the automobile. Social change requires a special rethinking here – both technically and structurally. What does this change in the future for us? The magazine “Mobility 2030” focuses on future developments around the issue of mobility and automotive.
Top experts, artists and racers draw a picture of the mobility of the future, including:
+ Walter Röhrl: His adventure trip with a self-driving car
+ Pischetsrieder: Why and car sharing can be a status symbol
+ Stefan Pierer: Why the electric car is still defeated by the electric motorcycle
+ Roland Düringer and Tobias Moretti in a duel: Does the car have a future?

In a joint magazine supplement make the Kleine Zeitung, together with the Upper Austrian news, the Salzburger Nachrichten, the Tiroler Tageszeitung and the Vorarlberg messages a glimpse into the future of mobility. The app is a digital copy of the successful print magazine. Register now for free download!

Download apk file for android:


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