Diligência – Dear corresponding access the site and not be left out of the Journal Diligence.


Dear corresponding access the site and not be left out of the Journal Diligence.

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The support of correspondence is to address and serve the various segments, mainly law firms and legal departments of companies.

The noble mission of DILIGENCIA.COM.BR is making available a register of competent professionals, able to assist those who need to perform steps out of his seat.

The support service translates a special way of indirect assistance to be held by the corresponding registered, to act safely, all without any burden of time and, in particular, with due economy of unnecessary spending shift, stay, among other expenses.

The register of the corresponding DILIGENCIA.COM.BR is composed of trained and qualified to develop important tasks in delivering support services, with the highest speed, efficiency, effectiveness, and agility mainly with quality professionals.

With the advent of the Code and Consumer Protection (CDC), small, medium and large companies are adding untold expenditures, like, offset expenses, fuel, stay, food, professional honorary; and in some special cases, airline tickets, rental cars, among other expenses, difficult to be recovered.

As a rule, the CDC determines that the jurisdiction to bring any action from the consumer relationship is necessarily the domicile of the consumer.

As well as the Brazilian Code of Civil Procedure provides in cases of vehicular accidents, the action is brought in the home of the author, or the place where the accident occurred, thus affecting mainly freight carriers and bus companies.

So inevitably some companies moving these segments, or even hire professionals to work outside their headquarters in other cities, even in other states.

We know that these contracts generate large expenses, mostly unrecoverable, thus directly affecting the company’s equity.

Thus it is that we put at the disposal of corporate legal departments, a register of highly qualified correspondents in various cities of Brazil, for the completion of administrative and legal services.

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