Breaking News Noticias España – News Covers of Spain and the World / Follow the Spanish Football League

Breaking News Noticias España

News Covers of Spain and the World / Follow the Spanish Football League

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News from Spain and now the rest of the World Vers 1.2.9

Stay informed at all times, go to the front pages of major newspapers in Spain and the world. Plus you’ll get quick and easy way to their web for details.

News Breaking News Spain, brings you all the information in one application.

** This version includes a special section with easy access to all information of the Spanish League 1st and 2nd division all in one application.

** We have also changed the application icon.

This application is optimized for phones and tablets, its main features includes:

• Service covers all the press of Spain and major newspapers around the world having special sections for Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela, these sections will grow in future updates.

• Covers classified by regions, sports, general, economic and continents.

• Cover hemeroteca service with which you can view the covers up to a year or more.
• Mark your favorite covers and download them for reading offline (offline or without radio).

• Access to web portals cover these displayed at all times.

• Service Access with the prediction of all cities in the world, you will always be informed about time and weather announcements.

• Reading Service News RSS in which you can configure your own services.

• Power sharing via social networks a cover.

• As a highlight of our application, its minimalist design, elegant and easy to use.

• Slide your finger on the homepage and go to the next or you prefer to use the top navigation buttons.

NOTE: Due to Time Zone depending on the time at which the covers will not be shown to consult, we invite you to stop it and then try to access the archive simply changing the date (calendar button below) and check out the cover of previous day.

Want to see all the features of the application before downloading, we invite you to see the promo video.

Thanks for trying our app if you like, recomiéndala is free and if you want to collaborate with us to improve the application do not hesitate to leave your comments in

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Download apk file for your android phone:


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