PCtipp E-Paper – access thanks App comfortably on the e-paper magazine in the original layout

PCtipp E-Paper

access thanks App comfortably on the e-paper magazine in the original layout

PCtipp E-Paper screenshot 0PCtipp E-Paper screenshot 1PCtipp E-Paper screenshot 2PCtipp E-Paper screenshot 3PCtipp E-Paper screenshot 4PCtipp E-Paper screenshot 5PCtipp E-Paper screenshot 6PCtipp E-Paper screenshot 7PCtipp E-Paper screenshot 8

PCtipp – the whole world of smartphone, tablet and PC

Compact, date and easily understandable informed the Swiss magazine PCtipp. The many practical tips to facilitate the daily use of PC, Smartphone and Tablet massively.

With the PCtipp app you can easily access to the e-paper magazine in the original layout. Once you have downloaded the latest edition, you can read this without an active internet connection. PCtipp appears monthly. The annual subscription includes 12 issues plus two special issues.

The content:
– News: A compact overview of new products and services that are available in Switzerland, as well as the best download and app recommendations
– Practice: workshops on the most common software used in PCs, smartphones and tablets running Windows, Android and iOS
– Buying guides: market overviews and practical tests to in Switzerland available hardware – always with the critical reviews of PCtipp Mead

Buyer of subscriptions via the Play Store is the use of the services for subscribers to pctipp.ch technical reasons not included.

Single issue: CHF 5.00

Half year subscription e-paper (6 issues): CHF 25.00

Other subscription offers (incl. Printabo) see pctipp_ch/abo.

For feedback or problems with this app please contact us at support@pctipp.ch available. Questions about our Aboangebot happy to answer our reader service via e-mail at or by phone abo@pctipp.ch during office hours at +41 71 314 04 48th

See detail information and download apk file for android: goo.gl/VGBB4d


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