Computerworld Schweiz – Information platform for Swiss IT professionals and IT decision-makers

Computerworld Schweiz

Information platform for Swiss IT professionals and IT decision-makers

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Computerworld informs Swiss IT professionals and IT decision makers (CIOs, CFOs and CEOs) on current issues, analyzes the major trends and provides practical assistance in strategic decisions – both in IT and the management area.

By Computerworld app you access with your tablet comfortably at e-paper magazine in the original layout. Once you have downloaded the latest edition, you can read this without an active internet connection. Computerworld is published monthly. The annual subscription includes 12 issues. The four special editions “Swiss IT», «Swiss CIO”, “Top 500” and “Swiss Leader” are part of the subscription.

The content:
– Analysis and Forecasts: The CW journalists assess new trends, hypes, launches, acquisitions and market developments
– News and Trends: News from the IT scene with particular attention to the Switzerland
– Strategy and Practice: background information, case studies, projects – so do the others
– Management and Career: Leadership, Coaching and other valuable knowledge for IT executives in a management function

Buyer of subscriptions via the Play Store is the use of the services for subscribers to technical reasons not included.

Single issue: CHF 7.00
Special editions: CHF 18.00

Kurzabo 3 issues: CHF 25.00

Other subscription offers (incl. Printabo) see computerworld_ch/abo. Release Dates below

For feedback or problems with this app please contact us at available. Questions about our Aboangebot happy to answer our reader service via e-mail at or during office hours on +41 71 314 04 49th

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