100% Kisah Nyata – CBN Indonesia variety of real life in the application of 100% True Story

100% Kisah Nyata

CBN Indonesia variety of real life in the application of 100% True Story

100% Kisah Nyata screenshot 0100% Kisah Nyata screenshot 1100% Kisah Nyata screenshot 2

Each life story can provide inspiration and learning that will help us not to fall in the same pit. For that CBN Indonesia has dozens of years of consistently presenting a variety of real-life stories to inspire the people of Indonesia.
Now with developments in technology, real-life stories are presented closer to you through the application of a 100% True Story that you normally enjoy through television or through the website Jawaban.com.
In applications 100% True Story, you can read and watch the video testimony of people who managed to overcome the problem of life anywhere and anytime via your Android device. Applications 100% True Story displays new articles every day in the update. The article has been read will be downloaded / downloaded and stored in the memory of your gadgets so if you want to read the article, you do not need to use the internet connection.
Applications 100% True Story is an official application from Jawaban.com, the official website of the CBN Indonesia and is being continuously developed. Some of the features that you can enjoy in 100% True Story is:
– True Story updated daily
– Testimony from informant
– Video reenactment and testimony
– Share feature to share with your peers stories via social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Lintas.me, etc.
– Features Search to find True Story by keywords (keywords) that you want.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/news-magazines


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