The Collector Deutsch – News Browser social website App Media new free Internet Surf Collector Deutsch

The Collector Deutsch

News Browser social website App Media new free Internet Surf Collector Deutsch

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Thank you for choosing “The Collector Deutsch”

The Collector, provides you with, a packet consisting of an important programs, together with services and news websites customized and pre-configured, to fit to the Android devices (Tablet & Mobile), no matter what is the screen size or specifications, and rotation (vertical or horizontal), and in this case we don’t need a special program for every service or website, and we can find these pre-configures websites easier, because they are located at the same browse.

The Collector also provides you with the ability to customize your own websites, and to remember it later.

* in this version, you will find the following programs
1- Notes program
2- Camera (pictures and movies)
3- Pictures viewer (with ability to share the picture)
4- Calculator
5- Sound recorder
6- GPS with Google maps

* you will find the following websites, beside Google search
1- Yahoo news and email
2- MSN email
3- Facebook desktop version (with all features)
4- Twitter
5- Spiegel online
6- Süddeutsche Zeitung GmbH
8- Deutsche Welle (DW)
9- Morgenpost
10- Europe News (German version)
11- Express
12- Xing
13- Die Welt
14- Rheinische Post
15- Sten
16- Frauen Zimmer
17- LEO Translator
18- Google Translate
19- Wikipedia
20- Youtube
21- Sport
22- Auto motor sport
23- Handelsblatt
24- Wetter von RTL interactive GmbH
25- Music Radio
26- Music lists
27- AutoScout24
28- Amazon

1- This program is independent, as we have no responsibilities towards the website links associated with the program, and we are not copying, altering or modifying their contents.
2- All websites links can be changed with future updates, so that for any website, we can remove their link as per their request.
3- Best use of the program with WiFi, because it provide free internet, however in case of using the mobile data, we recommend you monitor your data consumption, as it depend on the time of surfing.

See more information and download apk file for android:


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