– The Cultural Information in Wallonia-Brussels.

The Cultural Information in Wallonia-Brussels. screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot 7

With the application for Android, cultural information has never been easier to access.

With this application you can access by a click to your favorite events and a few clicks to new research. Wherever you are and whenever you want, you can get the cultural program, address, hours, price … After updating your device, no need to connect to the Internet, the application can be used by all smartphones and Android tablets wherever you are.

Examples of features related to the use of the application:
– Select and register an event in your calendar. And subsequently achieve a synchronization on the agenda of your computer.
– Cross search What? Or? When ?
– Save a cultural site in your contacts or event in your Favorites.
– Geo-locate an event, create a route through maps.
– Use your musical repertoire to help locate events related to the musical artists represented in it.
All functions which you did not have access to your desktop computer, become possible, and everything fits in your pocket!

Ergonomics is a key player in this simplified access to culture. As soon as you launch the application, you’ll be presented with four icons. The icons represent the 4 main functions “Events”, “Our News”, “Your favorites” and “Other research” (by text, what? Where? When? And locate your music). These are the icons that allow you to find all the information.

Here is a small summary to illustrate the access to cultural data:
– Events: through categories and subcategories, the user discovers all scheduled depending on the chosen sector.
– News: they present themselves in the form of stacks of documents with the title of the latest news in the foreground. Three of our RSS feed are present by default (“News French Community,” “Jobs, internships in the cultural sector”, and “Calls for projects, competitions”). It is possible to enable other streams by clicking the “+”.
– Your Favorites: rebuke a personal list of events and / or news marked during previous searches.
– Search what? Or ? When? : Performs a search through cross sector concerned, by location and specific date or from today – tomorrow – this weekend – this week – next week – this month – next month – the next 3 month.

The functions “Favorites, Locate, and Share Calendar” are within each information page.

The features and options are linked to as and navigation. The design and ergonomics are focused on one goal: simplicity.

See more information and download apk file:


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